About Me


Kirstyn Schaefer

the girl behind the design. . .

It all started when…

Actually...that's a great question! I don't remember being fascinated with interiors and decorating as a child - my obsession was always dance, dance and more dance. I spent my days dreaming of being a ballerina in New York City, never decorating and redesigning people's homes for them! But here I am...the passion sprang out of nowhere after I graduated college and had my very own place to myself. I remember being so excited to have the opportunity to design my own space exactly how I wanted it. This excitement has grown into helping others do the same.

The amount of detail I put into my design is immense; every little piece has to be just right, and I plan on carrying this into my designs for each and every one of my clients. Attention to detail, careful planning and ensuring a shared vision will encompass every project to come. 

I'm a 26 year old Midwestern girl living in North Carolina. I am excited to begin sharing this passion with others and showcasing my past projects as well as future projects to come.