How To Style an Accent Table

Happy Monday, y'all! One of my favorite things about design is the small details - I love bringing together different pieces from different places and creating a coherent design that is full of harmony. This can be difficult for some people (myself included! I'm very picky and take a lot of time to make it perfect - this accent table below still isn't there yet for me!). Read on to learn how to style an accent table.

For this table decor, I knew I wanted to go with a rustic feel. I got this farmhouse style table from World Market to go with my farmhouse table built from scratch by my dad. This allowed me to carry the farmhouse theme from my dining room to the "hallway" between my stairs and my living rom (aka the space between my couch and stairs). 

To continue with the rustic vibe, I knew I had to have an old window to put on the wall behind the table. I found this window for $5 at my local flea market. Super easy and cheap idea for anyone loving the rustic look and needs a wall hanging. 


So we've got the furniture and the wall behind it covered - next is the hard part: styling the table itself! This is the part that can be tricky, but where Hobby Lobby can come in handy! I immediately found this large, wooden ampersand in the same grayish tone of the rest of the wood in my decor, as well as this cute "oh, let's be adventurers, darling!" wooden sign in Hobby Lobby and knew they would be perfect for this table - leaning a piece of art in front of a larger piece adds to the casual feel. Next, I knew I wanted to add some color, so I found this adorable little fake potted plant that goes perfectly in between the 2 wooden items to break it up a bit. I had this 2-piece plant stand, on the right, from Target, and added it to hold my wine corks. This piece ties in with the wooden stand, and adds some contrast with the white and gold planter. Love it! Finally in front of the sign to add some levels, have to have a Bath & Body Works candle :) 


So this is what I did with MY table. Now, here are some general tips how to style your own accent table!

  • Add accents of varying heights. This helps create an interesting, mountain-range effect, especially if the pieces are closer together rather than far apart.

  • Add items that contrast for variation in the look. This can be shape, color, material, size, etc.

  • Don't be afraid to add items that also serve a purpose! Useful and cute? That's a win-win in my eyes!

  • If you have artwork behind your table, attempt to "connect" the art to the decor accents.

Now that you know how to style an accent table like a pro, I want to see how you style yours! Tag me in your masterpiece on Instagram, @kirstynschaeferinteriors .