Why should you hire an interior designer?


Interior design services are not only for the rich & famous..& my clients would agree! In reality, hiring an interior designer actually saves you money, a great deal of time & a whole lot of headaches! Let me explain how…

It saves you money

And everyone wants that, right? Now I know you may find it odd that adding on the cost of a designer will actually save you money. Hiring a designer can help you avoid costly mistakes. If you’re selling your home, professional interior design can even increase the value of your home!

Professional assessment

By allowing a designer with professional experience into your home to assess your situation, you’re offered another set of eyes that are trained to see what can & needs to be done to your space.

Budgeting and planning

A designer has all needed resources at her fingertips &, going back to reason #1, these resources are generally cheaper than accessing them yourself! Designers can partner with vendors at lower costs & understands how to properly manage projects. I personally have a background in Project Management which is absolutely crucial to ensure your project runs smoothly, on time and on budget.

Resources & contacts

As I mentioned before..we have the resources!! Often times resources the general public is not able to access so your home will not be cookie cutter & will stand out for it’s uniqueness.

Wow factor

Designers like myself are trained to understand spatials & see your space in a different way than the average person is able to. With that “trained eye” I can automatically tell you what is wrong with a space & be able to easily fix it.

Convinced yet? I can assure you you will regret hiring an interior designer for your space. Whether it be to stage your home for re-sell or renovate your bathroom into your dream space, I am here to help & I cannot wait to discuss your project with you.